Hall of Fame

All over the globe DIY audio enthusiast are building CD players. Some of them use a controller based on my design. There are also a couple of commercial players around working with a custom version of the software I presented here.

If you have build your own CD player and you like to get the result of your hard work displayed on this page, send me some pictures and I will put your project in the spotlights of the Hall of Fame. This to inspire others to start building there own CD player.

CD player by Pannawat

CD player build by Pannawat Watchalakamol from Thailand
CD player by Rene Lobe
The RGL compact disc player build by René Lobe from The Netherlands
Libretto cd player
The Libretto build by Chris HU and friends from Roemania
Linnenberg CDP1
The CDP-1 build by Linnenberg Audio from Germany