I started by making a sketch of the front panel the way I like it to be when it’s finished. It will turn out a bit different though.

Front sketch

I ordered some really nice spikebase. They do not look like the spikes I sketched, they look like normal feet. They are from Soundcare. As a test I put these spikes under my tube preamp and the are doing a great job. I hope they do the same for the CD player.

The “glossy titanium front/matt black covers” look

Display detail, symbols are printed on glossy photo paper and put behind the display window

First picture of the housing, all 10mm solid aluminium.
Display window and eight control buttons.
Keyboard PCB at the back of the frontpanel
Control signs on the display window
Glass cover sliding on steel rods
  • Plans changed, I automated the open/close movemment.
    I added a stepper-motor and driver. Movement is controlled by the CD-Pro2M controller PCB.
    Check out this short movie.
All covers mounted
Power supply units (5V and 9V for CD-Pro2M) mounted and wired
Wired controller, display and keyboard