Power Supply

The CD-Pro2M module needs to be powered with a +5V supply and +9V supply for the servo’s. The CD-Pro2M datasheet (page 18) states,

voltage Noise current
min typ max min typ max peak
(V) (V) (V) (mVpp) (mA) (mA) (mA) (mA)
+5V 4.5 5 5.5 100 300
+9V 8.1 9 9.9 100 200 700

Not really special requirements, so for test the prototype I made the power supply quite straight forward.

Although this prototype was working fine I wanted something better for the final cd player. I was looking for some low noise, low output impedance power supplies. And I found them on the website of Per-Anders Sjöström. His JSR-03 design, a.k.a. the Jung Super Regulator, was just the thing I was looking for. So I ordered some pcb’s.

Besides these JSR-03 pcb’s I needed a transformer, rectifiers and relays to switch the mains and the output voltages. Check out the schematics. The result is one big pcb that contains the complete power supply for the CD-Pro2M. Here you find the component placement.

In the component list for the JSR-03 regulators you will find all the component values to get the right output voltages. I used some SMD transistors on the 5V regulator, you are free to use through-hole types here. Also there are some test-point voltages so you can check if your regulator is working well.

The JSR-03 need some time to stabilize, as you can see in the image below. About 600ms after power-up the 5V is stable. For a proper power-up of the CD-Pro2M the 9V needs to be delayed by 150ms. At that time (750ms after power-up) also the 9V is stable.

This power supply really improves the sound quality of the CD-Pro2M it’s internal DAC.