Keyboard PCB

Buttons PCBTo operate the CD player manually there are eight push switches on the front. These switches remounted on a slim pcb and have the following functions (from left to right):


On this pcb there’s also a header for connecting the ON/OFF push button. A total of 9 switches in a 3×3 matrix wired to the controller connector J4. Here you find the schematics.

Motor driver

Motor Driver PCBTo open and close the cover I’m using a 5W Maxon DC motor (110124) with a 64:1 gearhead (110483). It only needs 1.5 turn to displace the cover over 13cm. With this motor/gearhead it takes about 1.2 seconds to open/close the cover.

The motor is driven by a small motor driver pcb. The driver schematic is based on the L6202 driver. The component placement can be found here.

The inputs (IN1 and IN2) are controlled by the controller pcb (J10).