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Arduino to control CD-Pro2

Arduino UNO boardFrom time to time I get questions if I have plans to rewrite the CD-Pro controller software in a more accessible language. I agree that Assembler¬† code isn’t the easiest way to go. But, “No I do not have plans to rewrite the complete software to C(++) or whatever language”. But as a small project I converted the DSA protocol part into an Arduino library. This to make it easy to control a CD-Pro2, CD-Pro2M, CD-Pro2LF, GyrFalcon 8 or whatever unit that speaks the DSA protocol.

Since the Arduino platform is one of the simplest to work with, even for newbies in micro-controller world. Making this library might help some people to get started with programming there own CD player. By including a display, keyboard and RC5 receiver you can build your own CD player (code).

The library  can be found on Github and includes two simple examples. One to control a CD-Pro unit and one the use the library to communicate between two Arduino boards.